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Translation - Proofreading - Localization




I'm a precise, enthusiastic and hard-working woman. I started studying English at the age of 8 in primary school, and although I have received my Proficient level language certificate in 2006 - after graduating from high school -, I still believe I am not yet finished studying it – as I want to have the knowledge of a native speaker.

Since 2006 I have been working with the English language quite a lot – I was translating part-time for several companies in Hungary and for my friends and relatives as well -, but it took me some time to realise what my real passion is: and it is translation.


I moved to the United Kingdom after my husband, who successfully got a job here in July, 2011.


Since the beginning of 2012, I am a full-time English-Hungarian Interpreter and Translator in Nottingham - mostly between doctors and patients. Later, in April, 2014, I also started working as a freelancer for 3 other companies in the same position in the same city, but I still would like to work more with the language, as I want to develop even further.


I love translating and thrive on making customers happy.


My hobbies and interests include: drawing, painting, fishing, puzzles, crosswords, reading, surfing on the internet, translating and writing.

  • professionalism

  • a keen eye for details

  • excellent command of my native language

  • great time management skills that enable me to work to tight deadlines – I have never missed a deadline and I am very proud of this

  • flexible working hours, including weekends and Bank Holidays

  • Hungarian (native)

  • English (proficient level)

Related work


Interpreting and translation


  • Interpreting for Hungarian people living in Nottingham who require help with the language – mainly during visiting doctors and other healthcare professionals – in a professional manner in person
  • Translating English documents to Hungarian language if needed
  • Translating Hungarian documents to English language if needed
  • Occasional interpreting on the phone if required
  • I am a freelancer, therefore my work is VAT exempt – according to UK regulations


Some of the projects I have done in the past or I currently work on:

  • translation of hotel reviews (EN>HU),
  • translation of a travel and tourism website and its interface (EN>HU),
  • localization of Android, Google Play applications (EN>HU),
  • proofreading and editing Clinical Trial documents (EN>HU),
  • ongoing game and related content localization (EN>HU),
  • ongoing proofreading of a MOBA game (EN>HU),
  • translation of medical leaflets (EN>HU),
  • translation of a cookbook (HU>EN),
  • translation of a children's book (EN>HU),
  • ongoing proofreading of technical manuals (EN>HU),
  • ongoing iGaming localization (casino content) (EN>HU),
  • localization of the Steam Store page for Imperiums: Greek Wars and all DLCs (EN>HU),
  • ongoing translation for a major producer of glass and jewellery company (EN>HU),
  • ongoing translation for a poster store (EN>HU),
  • etc.
  • Confident knowledge of Microsoft Office™ tools (Word™, Excel™, PowerPoint™)
  • Working knowledge of the following CAT-tools: memoQ (currently using 9.10), SDL Trados (currently using 2021), Smartling, Transifex, OneSky, POEditor etc.
  • Some knowledge in using Google Adwords, Analytics and SPSS, as well as GIMP
  • Some experience with the following QA tools: ApSIC Xbench and QA Distiller
Clients' feedbacks
Please click here to view the reviews that clients wrote about my work.
  • Szent Istvan State University, Godollo, Hungary

September, 2006 - December, 2009

Degree in Economics (Commerce and Marketing)

3,5 years course, First class degree (80%<)

Marketing Information Systems specialisation


  • Karinthy Frigyes Bilingual High School, Budapest, Hungary

September, 2001 – June, 2006

Proficient level language certificate – studied most of the subjects in English language

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